Monday, August 23, 2010

"The Mondays"

"The Mondays"....there are multiple definitions, many of them personal explanations of the common feeling we all share when returning to that monotonous routine we call our job some might even refer to it as their "passion". Having a case of "the Mondays" is fairly common in the professional world (so i hear). Symptoms include: waking up late, getting stuck in traffic, moving at a glacial pace, the inability for your face to defy gravity so that you may smile, drinking more than one cup of coffee, forgetting important papers and tailgating dangerously close as well as many others (feel free to add more :) >. Today I got to share the road with many of these poor people that must have been dealing with awful cases of "the Mondays".  However, I am happy to say that I was not one of the many suffers on the road this morning. In fact I was the complete opposite, I was happy to be driving to school and actually arrived 15 minutes earlier than usual! ( I may or may not have sped but that is just a minor detail ) . I found myself anxiously awaiting my students bright little faces as they walked past me during my first duty as Walking Club Patrol and the hugs I received at 8:15 when I made it back to my classroom from my post. Honestly, I am beginning to realize that I have chosen the most rewarding profession in the world. Let's think about this for a how many other professions can you show up in one of your worst moods and have all the change just because two little arms were suddenly squeezed around your waist and a small voice says " I missed you! Guess what I did this weekend?!"...?  To feel wanted, to feel needed by someone so mean so much to them that the first thing they want to do is see you...nothing can be more rewarding than that.  I put my job against any other....because guess what....without teachers we wouldn't have doctors, dentists, presidents, artists, professors, principals, surgeons....teachers inspired them, directed them, helped them get to where they are today. And I'm sure, a long time ago they were the child that ran up to their teacher and wrapped their little arms tightly around their teachers waist and said " I missed you..."

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