Sunday, November 30, 2014

December Currently!

Hey there! I'm here to link-up with Farley for her December Currently! Oh my...DECEMBER?!?! what?! For real?! My goodness...I can't believe it's December! 

Anyways...Let's get rollin' with this month's currently! 

Listening- My fiancĂ© came to spend the night with me since he has the day off tomorrow and he found "Dogs with Jobs" on Netflix.  It's making me want to save all the dogs and take them home! 

Loving- I love this time of year! Not because of the bone chilling cold, but because I get to buy gifts for people! If I had unlimited funds I would totally buy gifts for people on a day to day basis...ya know, like Oprah! Who doesn't want to be Oprah?!

Thinking- I am so very blessed.  I have an amazing man that I get to marry in June. I have a loving family that is always there for me. I have brilliant friends who are only a phone call away "just to chat" AND I have all of YOU! Yes, YOU guys! When I started this whole blog/creating journey I never thought I would "meet" so many amazing people....I really thought I would never find anyone who wanted to read what I had to say! I'm just some girl from Nebraska with a twisted sense of humor...who wants to read that?!...apparently you guys do (bless your souls) thank you for reading my blog, liking the millions of pictures I take of my dog on Instagram and giving me a boost of confidence when I need it. You all are truly a blessing! 

Wanting- To be healthy! This has multiple meanings for me right now. 1) I have recently come to the conclusion that "being skinny" doesn't mean that I am healthy.  This whole wedding diet really had me down in the dumps for awhile...and I was fearing I would never look the way I wanted to look in my wedding dress, but I've come to the conclusion that that isn't the case at all. If I take care of myself and eat healthy foods (that don't taste like cardboard) I can look awesome on my wedding day no matter what! I may not be SKINNY, but honey...I've got curves and I'm gonna rock 'em! 

2) It seems as though every break I have I end up getting this really gross mucus bomb of a cold. The past three days I have been talking like a man, coughing up large mucus balls (those really pretty green ones) and clearing the throat constantly like the old guy in the back of church on Sundays. I'm sounding really hot right now folks.  I still need to get my flu shot, but with my body fighting this mucus war right now I don't know if I should go get might take me down for the count ( I always feel a bit awful after I get my flu I the only one?)

Needing- Mucinex...I think you can figure out why I would be needing this right now! I won't paint any more snot filled pictures for you :) 

Giving- Some love! 

I want you to know (yes, you reading this post right now) that I am so very thankful for you! I am humbled to have you as a colleague in this glorious profession and I hope you know that you are loved. You make a difference each and every day ...even on those really bad are making a difference. So, in the upcoming weeks when you want to fight the alarm and burrow deeper into those warm sheets, remember that there are children in your school that need YOU. They need your warm hugs, your bright smile, your words of encouragement and someone in their life that they know will care for them. It will be hard, but you can do it! 

Phew...I hope that little pep talk helped! I have to remind myself of those things each and everyday...especially during the month of December...I have quite a few kiddos who lives get kind of rough around this time of year. 

Now...I also wanted to share this amazing song that I am obsessed with...enjoy a few minutes of pure bliss! 

ahhhhh....isn't that beautiful?! Oh, I could listen to it forever! 

Well, I hope you enjoyed your stop by my little ol' blog and I hope that you click that "follow this blog" button so you can keep coming by! I like having you here :) ...and not in a creepy in a  "oh, hey there friend I like your company" kind of way. 


I hope you have a great week! 

Thanks for stoppin' by! 


  1. LOVE your pep talk!!!!
    I so hope you feel better!!!
    Hub's nose is a mucous factory right now too…
    nose spray is helping him out!!!
    thanks for linking up!!!

  2. First, I really connected with your thinking section! I feel the same way... all the time. Don't even talk about a cold... I have been trying to kick this one for a while, but it just keeps coming back! Oh, and Pentatonix... ENOUGH SAID! AMAZING!

    1. AHH I just commented on your blog! I love your blog...I may or may not have been creeping!

  3. So...I follow you on IG I feel like I sort of "know" you already. Funny how that works, huh? ;) Anyway, I'm SOOO with you on the gift giving. It's my fave!! I <3 Christmas time!!
    And are beautiful! Don't you worry about the "skinny." If you feel good, you look good! Yeah...been there with that cardboard food. YUCK! Haha.
    And one last thing. Pentatonix is AH-MAZING!! Love, love, LOVE them!
    We *might* have a lot in common! ;)

  4. I feel you--I am ALWAYS getting sick on breaks, vacations, any other important event (I even came down with a cold a few days before my wedding). Mucinex definitely is the best out there. Have you ever done a Neti pot? They are WEIRD but helped me!

    Hope you feel better : )

    The Sassy Sub

  5. I hope you feel better soon! It would be so fun to be Oprah and give gifts out. I mean really awesome gifts! And you will look beautiful on your wedding day because you are happy. Happy people always radiate joy. It will be a beautiful day for you and your husband-to-be.

  6. Your post resonated with me in SO many ways!! I love this time of year too, for all the same reasons! And if you loved PTX's Silent Night, you're going to LOVE this one , if you haven't heard it already!!
    Happy Holidays ! :o) Feel better soon!
    Munchkins Inc

  7. I totally enjoyed this post and the song was amazing! Thanks so much for sharing so much advice and encouragement. I hope you feel better soon!
    Teachers Are Terrific!

  8. Thanks for the pep talk! It was super hard getting out of the bed this morning. When the covers are so warm and cozy, it's hard to remember how much we are needed every single day! Have a wonderful week!

  9. I hope that you feel better soon! I totally understand about that cold! The week before Thanksgiving I felt awful with a head cold, and now I am battling a stomach thing. Man, why do teachers always get hard right around breaks!?! Thank you so much for that song! I LOVE IT!! I will be sharing that one for sure!!

    Mrs. 3rd Grade