Friday, October 29, 2010

Second Grade!

I have made the transition to Second grade!  I do miss my little Kindergartners, but I'm already loving my Second graders.  It's crazy to see how independent children become in just two years. It has taken some adjustments to get used to how independent all of my students are and that they can work quietly (for the most part), but it does give me time to grade worksheets and gather materials for the next day.  This week was my first week with them and all week I have found that they enjoy telling me that they are "almost as tall as me".  I guess I do miss the fact that my Kindergartners did think that I was tall, but I guess second graders are just more aware of reality.  I'm starting to get the hang of the routine and just how much these kids can handle.  I'm looking forward to teaching lessons because I will be able to do so many different techniques and I will be able to use technology (such as clickers) for practice tests. We had our infamous Halloween party at school on Thursday, now I always remembered those parties were so much fun at school and this time I was excited to actually be on the "other" side of the party.  However, I quickly found out that when children eat sugar it has an IMMEDIATE effect on their little bodies.  My kids were bouncing off the walls! As I walked them outside to have their parents pick them up I turned around to check on them and all of their eyes were WIDE open and frantically looking around the hallways. Some were skipping , some were hopping and I was just waiting for the rest of their heads to start spinning.  Don't get me wrong the party was a lot of fun, but I now understand what my parents would hide my sisters and I's candy on top of the fridge as soon as we got home...our heads might have been spinning had we had access to all of that candy too.  Even though my students were going into a sugar coma as they walked out to their parents car, the party was a lot of fun and I had a wonderful time.  All in all...Second grade it going to be great!!

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