Monday, March 10, 2014

Workin' on it Wednesday!

Hey, there! I'm so happy you are here!  Today I am going to be sharing a Workin' on it Wednesday!  Now, I haven't had a chance to make it to Hobby Lobby or the craft store to begin my "crafting project list" (I hope to get to it this summer when my fiance can help..hah), but I do have some TOTALLY AWESOME things to share with you!

Let's get started!

As some of you may know, I recently started creating for Teachers Pay Teachers and I am completely addicted!  My idea notebook as found its way to my bedside table just in case I wake up in the middle of the night with any earth-shattering ideas.   Here is one of my FAVORITE ideas, so far, is my "That's a Fact Jack!"-Differentiated Fact Family Math Centers...and you best believe it has the Robertson Clan involved!

Click on the image for a direct link to this product. 

I have created these math centers into 4 differentiated groups: Below, On, On/Above and Above.  Here is how it works:

The kiddos take the number sentence cards and sort them below the correct houses/roofs. They know they are close to having a complete fact family when they have all of the Robertson men under the house/roof with Miss Kay! 

Look at them go! The chimneys have numbers so my kiddos could figure out where to record each fact family on their recording sheet. 


I've got some serious smarties in my classroom. This center took my kiddos about 20ish minutes to complete and some of my "extra careful" kiddos took a little longer. All of them LOVED the center and keep asking me if they can do it again! It honestly, is one of my favorite centers to put out because my students really have to think and double check their work before they begin recording. I also heard a lot of "Oh! It's just the backwards fact!", which maybe a simple thought, but it means that they have had that "Light-bulb" moment!

Do you want to know the best news? This unit is on SALE!! You betcha! This Math unit will be on SALE for this week ONLY!!! You have until Friday folks to join in on the Fact Family madness! 

Now, if that doesn't tickle your fancy, no worries! I have another unit coming your way and it is just in time for St. Patrick's Day! 
Click on the image for a direct link to this product.

Here is my "Luck of the Irish" pack.  Some of you may have seen the Freebie version of this pack that contains an Addition Color by number page.  This pack contains both math and literacy worksheets!  From addition and subtraction to ABC order and creative writing pages for your work on writing area, this pack will definitely make you want to do a jig of joy! 

There ya have it!  My lovely creations for Workin' on it Wednesday! I hope you found something that caught your eye or that will help spice up things in your classroom a little! I hope you enjoyed your little stop here and I can't wait to see you again...don't be afraid to click that button and follow this blog! 

Thanks for stoppin' by!


  1. Hi Megan, I found you through TpT and leaving a feedback on my forum. I'm your newest follower. Love your blog.
    Stephanie from Principal Principles

  2. Hi Megan, I came across your blog and love that you have a cute way to use Duck Dynasty! I love that show :) I've nominated your blog for a Liebster award. Check out my page to see what it's all about!