Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Where I Teach!…short and sweet {Teacher Week '14}

Hey there! I'm back again for a short and sweet post about Where I Teach for Teacher Week '14.  

Since today has been a little crazy I may be doing more of a "Throwback Tuesday" to my Teacher week post from last year.  I am still in the same classroom, but there have just been some minor changes :) 

To start things off, I realized that I have done a terrible job of taking pictures of my room this year…so I plan to post more picture tomorrow on Instagram. In the meantime, here is what I have to share :)

This is my very busy desk area. I am lucky enough to have quite a bit of space for my L-shaped desk and I am so happy that I do!  This year I bought that bright pink chair to replace my old black one that was having issues keeping itself together. I am so very happy that I bought this chair…it is extremely comfy and who doesn't love the color?!

I use my marker board as a rotating bulletin board for our reading materials and Daily 5 choices. The small table in front of my desk is our Work on Writing Center :). 

I use my desk to keep all of my Teacher manuals, worksheets and lessons for the day in order and ready to go. I got this awesome idea from Katie Knight over at Teacher to the Core.  I watched her youtube video and immediately tried her desk trick out...it has worked wonders! 

Here is my classroom meeting area! It looks a lot like it did last year…the only change I made was moving a large bookshelf out of our meeting area and instead using it to hold all of our book boxes. 

Now…for the most awesome addition I have made to my classroom EVER! 


Say hello to our listen to reading TENT! I found this nifty lil' thing on sale at target and I am so glad that I grabbed it! It is BY FAR my firsties favorite place to read! 

So,,,I know this may not give you a GREAT idea of what my room looks like, but I will make you two promises:
1) I will be posting more pictures tomorrow on my Instagram (you may even get lucky with a video)
2) Not many things have changed about my classroom set-up from last year. 

Click here if you want to check out my Classroom set-up from Teacher Week '13 and stay tuned for more photos tomorrow! 

Thanks for stoppin' by! 


  1. I love the reading tent idea! What a great place for your students to read! I am sure that they all love that special spot in your room!! I'm not very good at taking pictures in my room either, so that is something that I have to work on too!!

    Mrs. 3rd Grade 

  2. I am obsessed that the tent, too! Great spot for reading!

    A Rocky Top Teacher

  3. Nice to meet you on the blog hop! The reading tent is awesome!! The pink chair is quite wonderful I must add :) Happy new school year!

  4. I have a reading tent in my classroom too! My kids are obsessed with it! Found you on the blog hop and I'm a new follower! :)

    Andrea @ Cheers To School