Monday, September 8, 2014

I'm a tweeter are you?…and more techy talk!

Hey there! So, I know it seems like I have been MIA (which may be true), but holy cow is there a lot going on this school year! Does anyone else feel like this year is WAY busier than last year?! It could just be me, but who knows! 

Anyways…I wanted to stop by and share some AWESOME things that I have been working on for my District to push myself to become better! 

I recently was asked to be on a small committee called "Teachers Teaching with Technology"…now…I LOVE using technology in my classroom, but by no means am I some kind of  guru.  This year I began using Class Dojo in my classroom to give my behavior clip chart a little more depth and for the past 3 years I have used a classroom website to make it easier for my students to access websites and games during independent work time.  This year our school finally has an iPad cart and I have been SUPER excited to get those iPads in the hands of my kiddos, but I realized that I have a MILLION things to learn to make my students learning effective and meaningful.  SOOOOOO…on this nifty committee I found quite a few amazing teachers that are already using technology DAILY in their classrooms and their first piece of advice was to hop on to Twitter. 

So, I immediately  created an Educational Twitter, you can follow me here, I have a personal one but I never use it! Clearly, my social media of choice is Instagram, but I think I'm going to work on taking my tweeting to the next level…hold on to your hats folks! 

Let me tell you…there are some brilliant teachers on twitter and one that I am totally obsessed with (currently)  is Matt B. Gomez (his twitter here). This guy is a Kindergarten teacher in Texas and uses iPads daily along with MANY more awesome tech-tastic {I made this word up} ideas for your classroom! How awesome is that! Here is the coolest thing…TOMORROW he will be holding a webinar to talk about how he uses TWITTER in his classroom!! You can sign up for his webinar by clicking on the link on my tweet! I'm signed up and will be checking it out as soon as I get home from my Guided Math class…woof. 

Now, like I said before I know that I am not a technology guru…even though I hope to be someday, I am really looking to just share and learn with all of you. So, if you know of some awesome blogs or apps that you have read about, use, created, found etc. PLEASE SHARE! 

I hope you all have had an awesome Monday and continue to have an amazing week! 

Don't forget to share links and apps in the comments below! 

Thanks for stoppin' by! 

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