Monday, April 7, 2014

A little late to the party...

Hey there! Happy Monday! I'm glad you are here to join me on my VERY first 'Currently' link up! Now, this may be one of my shorter posts until I get the hang of doing these kinds of linky parties, but it is still just as exciting! 

Since I am fairly new to this world of educational blogging, I thought it was time for me to venture out and join a link-up that I have followed consistently for the past few years.  I am very nervous and honored to be partaking in a linky party on one of the very first blogs I EVER found my first year of teaching. *tear, sniffle, sniffle*

So, here goes nothing...

Listening- I have watched HIMYM on and off for the past few years. Recently, I had not been watching it consistently and was super bummed when I heard all of the amazing reactions to the finale. So, I have decided to pick it back up and thanks to Netflix I can get all caught up! 

Loving- I live in Nebraska and we are used to having some crazy weather, however, I am sick and tired of this cold and dreary stuff that keeps on lingering. I literally jumped out of my bed this morning when I heard the 10-day forecast for this week and saw that 80 was in our future! Thank goodness! 

Thinking- Every Tuesday night for the past 2 1/2 months I have been taking a class that our District offers/requires us to take in our first 3 years of being in the District.  Tomorrow is my last class *YAY!*, but I am avoiding my homework...I figure I'll get there eventually. 

Wanting- I recently started selling items on TPT and have had a blast creating products. I haven't had very many sales, but I still have set a very high goal for myself when sales actually do start happening. My goal is to purchase a new laptop... a Mac. I currently use a Dell that I used all through college and I think it is time for a change :). 

Needing- I am in the process of planning my wedding for the summer of 2015. I know I have PLENTY of time to get everything organized, but I have been very focused on my physique.  I have been trying to eat healthier (key word is TRYING) and although I saw some results, I haven't seen great one's. I am hoping that with the warmer weather, a new Jazzercise membership and all the fresh fruit that soon will be out that I will be back on track to my ideal wedding bod! OW OW!

Hours and Last Day- Everyday my little one's come barreling down the hall to my classroom door at 7:55 and I send them home at 3:20.  My last day with kiddos will be on May 21st with an early out and a work day on the 22nd to get everything in my room packed up so we can speed clean our school before we return in July :). 

Well, there ya have it! My very first contribution to the 'Currently' link-up! I hope you have a stupendous week and I will see you back here on Friday! 

Thanks for stoppin' by! 


  1. I Love How I Met Your Mother and am totally bummed that it is over! :(
    Wow, you guys get out early. When did you start the school year?

  2. HI Cindy, This year will be so exciting for you as you plan THE big event! I, too, think you get out very early.. lucky bum.
    Kathleen at KidpeopleClassroom

  3. I teach on a continuous calendar which means that I get out in May and go back the week after July 4th. SO it may seem like i'm getting off early but I am also going back WAY earlier too.

  4. 7:55! That is way too early! We start at 9 and go to 3:50. My kids come barreling down the hallway too...they act SO excited to get to class! :)