Monday, August 5, 2013

Blog makeover and my first Made it Monday!

Hello there,  I hope everyone had a wonderful Monday. My Monday sure was magical when I got the email from Dreamlike Magic Designs that my blog makeover was finally complete! I absolutely LOVE my new look!!!  Be sure to stop by, if you haven't already, and look at all of her amazing blog templates. They are updated and changed regularly so watch close so you can find your perfect blog design!  Thank you, Alicia for my gorgeous blog makeover!

Okay, so I have been blog hopping for the past three years and have loved Monday's because that meant it was "Made it Monday"! I love seeing all of the amazing creations people have made over the past week, so here I am about to attempt my very first "Made it Monday. 

Here goes nothin'.....

This summer, one of my projects was creating a classroom D.O.T Binder (daily organizational tool), much like the one's found on TPT. However, I wanted to have pencil pouches in the front of my students binders to house notes from parents and lunch money. Well, when I went to go buy pencil pouches I found that they were WAY more expensive than I had first expected. While sitting at a Math workshop, our presenter brought up a photo of a teacher that had used Ziploc baggies covered with decorative duct tape to house students math tools! BRILLIANT!!! I borrowed the idea immediately went to Target to get my baggies and duct tape and ...............TA DA!!!!!!

What I love about the Ziploc pencil pouch is:
1. I can 3-hole punch them and they will survive in a binder thanks to the duct tape.
2. They are fun to decorate 
and most of all
3. They are easy on my pocketbook! I can replace these babies in a matter of minutes without having to run to the store to buy them! 

Now, I got a little fancy and alternated 3 different colors on my Ziploc pencil pouches, but given the amount of decorative duct tape out there your options are endless! 

Well folks, I need to get some grades entered and my outfit picked out for Conferences tomorrow and that may take a while. I hope you enjoyed my very first "Made it Monday" and my brand new blog design. Be sure to follow my blog so you can keep up with me as I (hopefully) grow as I learn more about the world of blogging!  

Thanks for stopping by! 

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  1. Yes! That zip-loc bag idea rules! Thanks for sharing, I am totally going to try this!
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